Our engineering team will conduct a free site survey of your facility to determine the trend of your electricity usage, availability of space and physical conditions of the buildings.

The report from the site survey will be used by our team to determine the most optimal PV system solution for your needs. We will also engage designers to make sure the installed system will be aesthetically pleasing.

Our supply chain team will be responsible for making sure all the materials needed for the project arrive on time as needed. They will be handling importation, customs clearance, storage and transportation of project materials up to arrival on project site.

Our project team will work together with our engineering team to make sure the installation is done in time and to the highest quality while following safety protocols. We will also take care of any permits needed from PLN or other local authorities for the installed PV system.

You will be able to monitor the energy generated from the installed PV system via the internet as well as how much contributions you have made towards making this earth a greener place to live in.


On Grid photovoltaic systems are meant for businesses that are connected to the PLN grid. With an on grid PV system installed you will be able to save on your monthly electricity bills. During the day the on grid PV system will supply electricity replacing some of the power from PLN.

 Furthermore, any excess electricity generated from the PV system can be exported back to PLN grid through PLN net metering system. This will result in additional savings as a certain % of electricity exported are used to offset your future electric bills.


If your businesses are located in remote areas where connection to PLN grid is not possible, an off grid PV system with energy storage in the form of batteries are the perfect option. During daylight the PV system will generate electricity to be used as needed while excess power will be diverted and stored in the batteries. At night or when there is not enough power generated by the PV system, the battery system will step in to supply the electricity needed.

As a back up power supply, diesel generators are usually still used at these locations especially during days where sunshine is in limited supply.


A hybrid PV system is basically an off grid system with no batteries and working together in parallel with a diesel generator to provide power to a location. Since there are no batteries in the system, the hybrid PV system generally requires a much lower investment compared to an off grid system. Electricity supplied from the PV system will significantly reduce the fuel consumption of the diesel generator.

The PV system will supply electricity during daylight allowing for the diesel generators to be completely shut off. In certain cases, a hybrid controller can be installed which will balance the power generated from the PV system and the diesel generator.


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